Le donne dei Boschi
Acqui D.O.C.G.

brachetto d'acqui docg - le donne dei boschi

Brachetto d'Acqui is the gem of the winery. Since 1951, our family has been recognized in Italy and abroad as good quality wine producers thanks to this wine. Like in the past, today Brachetto d'Acqui is the emblem of our production, territory and philosophy.
The roots of the Brachetto d'Acqui can be found in the ancient Roman town of "Aquae Statiellae". According to traditions and legends, this wine enjoyed great success during the Roman Empire and apparently it was also Cleopatra's favourite wine. The Brachetto remained in obscurity until the end of the XIX century, then it re-emerged as fashionable in the 19th century and crossed the ocean with our emigrants..
The birthplace of the Brachetto d'Acqui Cà dei Mandorli is the estate "Le Donne dei Boschi", on the borders of the age-old forest "Bosco delle Sorti", located between the boroughs of Cassine and Maranzana. The wine label depicts and carries the name of the old spinning mill located nearby.


Variety: Brachetto 100%
Alc. Vol: 5,5% vol
Production area: Podere Le Donne dei Boschi, Cassine - AT
Esposition: South-east
Altitude: between 340 and 380 mt a.s.l
Soil: glib, ferrous and calcareous


It’s a wine with historical and very old roots, that needs a careful processing: the grape is pressed and destammed, and channeled to an horizontal stainless steel tank, where for about seven days is kept at 10°C. After several replacements, is extracted the main aroma, the geraniolo, and is reached the alcoholic gradation of 3% vol. When the fermentation is stopped (through the cooling) the juice is stored at 2°C, to preserve the aromas. Finally, the last fermentation in autoclave, to obtain the right gradation and the fine and gentle perlage wherewith appear in the bottle.

Tasting notes &food pairings

Fine, smart, To be stored in a cool place and protected from the light, with shades of rose and berries. It's pleasantly fizzy and it has a sapid and attractive ending.
Excellent with the typical desserts of the italian tradition, it could be an interesting component in fruit cocktails. Served at 6° C.

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