Cà dei Mandorli, history and territory

The Ricagno Family, now in its sixth generation, traces its roots back to the second half of the nineteenth century when Cristoforo Ricagno first planted vines in the area around Sezzadio, in Northwestern Italy's Piedmont region. However, it was his son Paolo who recognized the land’s enormous potential for growing vines, especially in the areas of Alice Bel Colle, Castel Rocchero and Ricaldone. As a great innovator and precursor of modern vineyard and winery management, Paolo studied and created new systems of pruning, tying back and hoeing, eventually reaching a production of 200 tons of grape must and owning more than 200 hectares of vineyards.

At the helm today is his grandson and namesake, Paolo. A worthy successor, who has further implemented new techniques and radically restructured the planting of vineyards and winemaking, once again proving the extraordinary vine-growing ability of this unique terroir.
Currently working alongside Paolo is his son Stefano, who, after graduating with a degree in Viticulture and Winemaking, has dedicated himself to the development of the winery, maximizing its sales potential and ensuring its smooth administration. Together with his father, Stefano strives for the highest quality and maximum expression of their grapes while at the same time bringing a fresh and innovative approach.

Cà dei Mandorli aims to combine the perfect blend of quality, tradition and family. The care and attention that the Ricagno family lavish on the vines and in the winemaking is evident in the final wines produced. The wines are a labor of love which eventually bring great satisfaction to the family. As great-grandfather Paolo used to say; "a glass of wine should be able to tell a great story" and this is certainly the philosophy the family has taken to heart.

The Cà dei Mandorli wine reflects both the true characteristics of its origin and a philosophy: considering wine as a product of a territory that hai its best expression in the vineyards and their grapes.
The names of the Cà dei Mandorli's wines come from the vineyards where the grapes are grown; these names have been found in old cadastral maps or in the memory of the metayers that keep all the charm of long standing traditions: "La Bellalda", perhaps referring to a pretty peasant girl, has always produced Barbera; "Verdecielo" the color of the leaves that meets the deep blue of the sky is Cortese; "Dei Giari", gravely land, provides the Moscato; and the “Donne dei Boschi”, a most fanciful name for the women working in the spinning mill, is a Brachetto vineyard.